Meet The Founders!

See what inspired us to build Ag3ncy X. Find out how TikTok changed our lives in eCommerce.

Our Story.

The best growth marketing and content team for your brand is one that’s built and scaled ecommerce businesses from the ground up. 

Entrepreneurs to our Core
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When you’ve built 4 e-commerce brands to multiple 7 figures per brand, you realize that you have a very particular skill that can help others. We want to be challenged every single day. What better way to do that than to work on numerous brands and help numerous founders scale THEIR businesses?

A-Class In-House Talent
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Our team retention is unparalleled. Everyone that works with us, has stayed with us for years because of the flexibility, freedom, and growth they experience. Every person has ownership of their work and thus performs incredibly. Anywhere from content, to media buying we have experts in every seat.


We systemize every aspect of everything we do for our OWN brands. This allows us to apply these learnings to your brand once we’ve proven concepts on new ad strategies or content strategies. We are CONSTANTLY learning and improving, and you’ll see this reflected on your accounts.

Our Awesome Team

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    Business Development
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    head of growth
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    SR technical designer
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    customer service manager
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    conent producer
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    Operations Manager
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    content producer
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    content analyst
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    content creator
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    sms & email marketing
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    Media Buyer

Our Values.

This is what defines us.

  • People

    We only hire and recruit the BEST in the industry. We also focus entirely on relationships first. This is true for team members, for clients, and anyone we work with. Our clients and our team are vetted for integrity and quality before we take them on.

  • Profit

    Lifeline of every business. MOST businesses don’t have VC funding and can’t live without Profit. So we simply make sure to prioritize it. That’s why we use P&L’s when making advertising decisions and never turn a blind eye to your bottom line or ours. 

  • Practicality

    We only take on clients that we KNOW we can deliver on. If we see clear indications that we will successfully scale your brand 2-5x, that’s the only time we’ll even consider taking you on. We underpromise, and overdeliver, every time.

  • Performance

    We’re not here to be mediocre. In everything we do our goal is to be the top 1%. You will see this in the quality of our work and the attention we give to you as a client. Your satisfaction comes first and that satisfaction only exists if we perform incredibly. 

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